Mandela cartoon was an inaccurate portrayal

info@islandpacket.comDecember 20, 2013 

The Dec. 11 editorial cartoon was very disappointing. I, like everyone else, have the greatest respect for Nelson Mandela -- so does the Pickens County sheriff.

If the cartoonist had read the newspaper article about the sheriff's decision not to lower flags in memory of Mandela, he would have learned that the sheriff commented on how great a man Mandela was. His point was that the flag should only be lowered for citizens of the U.S. He was recognizing and honoring that long tradition from our founding.

Unfortunately, the current administration dislikes the U.S. and its traditions. They continue to demonstrate this. The list is very long from the absence of a flag lapel pin to not attending the ceremonies honoring the Gettysburg Address. What could we expect other than lowering the flag for a non-citizen? If the cartoonist did not know the sheriff's favorable opinion, that is shoddy work. If he knew and still did the cartoon, he is trying to inflame racial tension.

Barry Moore

Hilton Head Island

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