House is even more unproductive this year

info@islandpacket.comDecember 16, 2013 

As we all ready for the holidays with the hustle bustle of shopping and partying, we may not notice that the 113th session of the House of Representatives finished up 2013 this past Friday, and slinked quietly out of town. The House must be oh-so-merry after wrapping up a stressful four, full days in December. Yep, I said four. They have set a new record of passing only 55 laws this year, breaking last year's record of 62 laws. This House is on track to be the least productive in the history of the country. What an accomplishment.

This may have something to do with setting the House calendar, which is the job of the oft-photographed Eric Cantor from one of Virginia's most gerrymandered districts. He has forced our representatives to work 126 days this year. The members must have complained about the work load, so the 2014 calendar has been reduced to 113 days.

This group of highly paid fill-in-the-blanks have made obstruction into a real science. They have figured out how to convince their bosses, the American people, that to delay, repeal and kill legislation is a worthy occupation, making them deserving of an even-shorter work year and another term in office.

John Boehner summed it up recently, "The House has continued to listen to the American people and to focus on their concerns. ... We've done our work." Really, Mr. Speaker?

Maggie Morse


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