Gun owners are law-abiding citizens

info@islandpacket.comDecember 15, 2013 

The current administration, together with our liberal media, appears to be obsessed with curtailing Second Amendment rights to millions of Americans: The right to own guns. It's because of the violence they think will germinate if the average citizen is allowed to own a weapon. However, violence has many mothers.

Our liberal president approached the National Football League, a violent sport, and asked their help in selling his health care plan. Violence was fine as long as it serves a self interest.

Most citizen gun owners do not want American soldiers in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world fighting for lost causes. War and violence are more than extensions of a failed foreign policy. Violence can also be used to resurrect a questionable political aim by igniting a spirit of patriotism found in most citizens.

To hear our liberal-socialist Democrats rant and rave, one would imagine the U.S. to be a Wild West show with guns blasting away day and night. Most gun owners are decent, law-abiding citizens who enjoy shooting as others enjoy basketball. Our ethically- deficient representatives should focus on the serious issues and learn to use integrity and honesty when governing.

Leave my guns alone, Mr. President, and pay attention to unemployment, immigration, the economy and to the number of Americans held captive in countries around the world.

Clifton J. Jester


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