Laws should apply to everyone all of the time

info@islandpacket.comDecember 14, 2013 

Laws apply to everyone equally. Just because there are a large number of apples in the grocery store, should I be able to take all I want? Should I be able to stop at only the stop signs I want to stop at because there are so many of them?

The Avocet Street property owner who has illegally encroached on the public beach access by building an unattractive, concrete wall is not being unfairly picked on. Indeed, the owner who built the wall is the one who has disrespected the rights of the many vacationers who utilize the Avocet beach access all summer long.

I have been a full-time North Forest Beach resident for the past 12 years and have repeatedly seen how difficult it is for families to navigate that very narrow pathway. The foot traffic on the Avocet access from timeshares and apartments is tremendous. Instead of being an attractive, open, accessible pathway, it is narrow, ugly and potentially dangerous. When two fully-loaded families coming from opposite directions encounter each other on the Avocet beach access, it is extremely problematic.

And why? Because of one individual's arrogant refusal to comply with the law. The backbone of our economy is tourists. They should not have to squeeze through the equivalent of a narrow back alley to get to and from the beach.

John Ratliff

Hilton Head Island

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