Politics and religion can be compatible

info@islandpacket.comDecember 14, 2013 

In response to a recent letter, "Impossible to be a Catholic and a Democrat," I think the writer's reasoning and logic is well-hidden.

Regardless of your organization, it is absurd to say that you must obey its rules and policies. That would render one a zombie robot, incapable of God-given reasoning and common sense.

The president must abide by the Constitution and the nation's laws while disregarding the teachings of any religion. I'm sure the writer knows it's called separation of church and state. If the writer would ponder the history of past and present nations, he would readily rationalize the fallacies of his philosophy. Take, for example, Hitler, Stalin, Islam, and even the Crusades.

So with that, I do wish the writer well. Meanwhile, I will continue on my personal path of functioning with conscience for the betterment of community and country.

Don Cotnoir

Sun City Hilton Head

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