Advertisers think we're very dumb

info@islandpacket.comDecember 14, 2013 

One way to tell how dumbed-down we have become as a society, is to take a look at radio and TV advertising. For example, there's a radio ad where a lady claims to be a behavioral therapist. Then she tells us that her kid told her that he hates her, and slammed his bedroom door in her face. This is all followed by her pitch for her system on how you can prevent this from happening in your home with your kid. She did such a great job raising her own kid, so now she's going to tell you how to raise yours!

And in a TV ad to sell cars, they drive a car at high speed through city streets, and skid around to a stop, facing the camera and us. Now you tell me, who drives like that? Like I'm really going to buy that car!

Then there's this retailer's TV Christmas greeting with guys in boxer shorts, wiggling their behinds and sounding out a Yuletide melody with another part of their bodies. Like I'm thinking, "This is so cute. I'm going to that store to shop!"

I'll conclude with the TV ad that offers an item for, let's say, $10, but if you take the second one for free, you'll only pay an additional shipping and handling fee, which itself turns out to be $16.68. The package when received weighs about a pound. Duh!

Norman Shapp

Sun City Hilton Head

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