Videos: Adorable girl uses sign language at concert

Buzz60/NDNDecember 12, 2013 


A fake - or confused - interpreter has scandalized the world watching as heads of state paid tribute to the late Nelson Mandela. But here's some interpreting that might make you feel warm all over, or laugh out loud. The video of a 5-year-old girl, Clare Cook, using sign language so her deaf parents can follow along during her kindergarten holiday pageant also is making waves on the Internet.

Video: 'Santa is is Name-O' (3:40)

"Even my 5 yr old daughter signed better for her deaf parents in a xmas play," Lori Koch of Cleawater tweeted at CNN's Piers Morgan on Wednesday during discussion of the fake sign language interpreter who took the stage with world leaders at Monday's Nelson Mandela memorial in South Africa. She included a link to this YouTube video of her daughter as proof, and the video quickly accumulated more than a quarter-million views. (Dec. 12, 2013) Tampa Bay Times

Buzz60's take (1:00)

Follow up: Precocious signer's parents learn how much the world loves their daughter

(Dec. 12) A post to YouTube goes viral, and now a Clearwater, Fla., family is seeing how much the world loves a precocious little girl who did something special for her deaf parents. Jim Damaske,

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