America should worry about a nuclear Iran

info@islandpacket.comDecember 12, 2013 

Should we worry that Iran is on the threshold of nuclear weaponry? Before answering this question, consider that we are talking about a regime run by apocalyptic fanatics whose religious ideology condones suicide as a means to an end, even if it might involve the extinction of civilization. Even if these fanatics are not themselves suicidal, does anyone doubt their willingness to enlist others unrestrained by self-preservation? (Think World Trade Center.)

If the answer to the first question is yes, then we better give serious thought to the Obama administration's current policy towards Iran. By easing sanctions, the administration hopes the Iranians will cooperate with international inspection teams to confirm its nuclear program is only for non-military purposes. Inspection didn't work out very well in North Korea. Is there any reason to believe a different result in Iran? It is naive to believe Iran's nuclear program is only for power generation and medical uses.

In a recent column, Kenneth M. Pollack of the Brookings Institution was quoted as saying, "Going to war with Iran to try to prevent it from obtaining a nuclear arsenal would be a worse course of action than containing Iran, even a nuclear Iran." Where does this leave us? Unfortunately we must rely on the Obama administration to make the right decisions and that should give all of us sleepless nights. Keep in mind the creation of Earth did not come with a guarantee it will survive forever. Are you paying attention, Mr. President?

Warren Jungk


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