America's next big law: The Affordable Car Act

info@islandpacket.comDecember 10, 2013 

As you know, public transportation is a scarce commodity. Every family should have access to transportation. I therefore propose the Affordable Car Act.

Every car must have the following: four-wheel drive; four snow tires; a trailer hitch; front and side air bags for front and rear seats; a sunroof; heated seats; head light wipers; fog lights; rear seat vents; a Bluetooth phone connection, a remote keyless entry; a start/stop button; electric, adjustable front seats; an adjustable steering wheel, a built-in GPS; a tire pressure monitoring system and a rear view camera. The government will also issue a special credit card to low-income families for the purchase of gasoline and maintenance. The gas stations and repair shops will bill the government, and they will be paid an amount determined by the U.S. Transportation Department.

You say you live in Florida and don't need snow tires or four-wheel drive? You still must pay for these to help support the people in Minnesota who do need them.

Now the good news. You can keep your old car. But you can keep it only for one year and only if your old car meets all of the new standards.

You may place your order on the new Affordable Car website. There, you may pick your car from a variety of manufacturers and models that meet our approval. We know you will love this plan if you give it a chance.

Chuck Fullmer

Sun City Hilton Head

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