Scientific proof of God visible on your driveway

info@islandpacket.comDecember 10, 2013 

Every fall at this time, I notice that man uses combustion motors to blow leaves and debris around relentlessly, and God continues to blow them back where they were. Not only has man not figured out that the pursuit of a less-cluttered driveway is not God's intent, but also, it has not dawned on him that raking or vacuuming might be a better use of his limited intelligence, not to mention saving fossil fuels.

The greatest generation had this figured out, but apparently much intelligence has been lost.

God must have quite a laugh at our expense. He gives us his book, just one, and in our brilliance, we decide that the creator of all couldn't possibly be able to get his book correct.

My opinion is that it is much more scientifically likely that God exists than man.

Chandler Russell

Hilton Head Island

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