Mr. President, bring a quick end to Obamacare

info@islandpacket.comDecember 9, 2013 

An open letter to President Obama:

Hardworking American taxpayers expect you to be responsible in how you spend our money.

Obamacare is a flawed, unworkable concept. It's a bad law that has already taxed and disrupted millions of families. And because Obamacare promises to eventually drag all Americans into participation, the future looks bleak. Common sense says it's time to cut our losses.

Sir, the way you talk about medical care in the U.S.A., one would think we have a widespread emergency where people are dying in the streets for lack of medical attention. That's just not so! No one is ever denied access to doctors or hospitals. And this nation offers the best medical care in the world.

How Americans pay for their medical services appears to be the problem you're trying to solve. But that's the business side of the American health care system, largely involving health insurance companies. While we know reforms are needed, it is obvious that a government bureaucracy cannot do the job. We want you to stop squandering our money on a failed government insurance program.

We also want you to leave our doctors and hospitals alone. Medical services in this country are top notch. Let our medical professionals continue doing what they do best without government interference. Stop messing with them and with their relationships to us, their patients and customers. We want the freedom to choose our own medical care and health insurance.

Jane Kenny


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