Teachers have the right to discipline students

info@islandpacket.comDecember 9, 2013 

How many people have heard someone say that if he got a licking at school he got another one at home? That generation must have been severely abused. Oh, no, that was the greatest generation. I don't personally recall ever hearing of any of those men phoning home to say, "Mommy, some nasty, old German just shot at me."

I only know what I read in the newspaper about a recent event where a teacher got in trouble for allegedly hitting on the back a student who was not paying attention. But as a retired school teacher and an observer of many years of the American culture, I venture to guess that the reported incident transpired when a teacher had had about enough of insolent behavior. My husband remembers a certain teacher he had (yes, many years ago) who, if a student had spoken to her as this one did, would have had the undisciplined student up against the wall. And in those days, no lawyers got rich prosecuting those in authority for instilling decent behavior in students.

It is the present laxity of supervision and, yes, discipline in the home, that has contributed to the demoralization of our culture in 21st century America.

And woe be to anyone who challenges the display of self-esteem that is prevalent today. It is my understanding -- and here I could be miles behind -- that one phone call is permitted when someone is thrown into the slammer for demonstrating his right to express himself. "Dear Mommy and Daddy ... "

Elinore Dobson


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