Jesus would want love as his Christmas present

info@islandpacket.comDecember 8, 2013 

What would Jesus want for a Christmas present? This was a question recently posed in a letter. I am not a religious scholar. What I am is a lover of Jesus Christ and his father. This is not a popular admission anywhere in the United States except in the Bible Belt. Thankfully, I live here in South Carolina and can write what I believe Jesus would want without criticism. I think he would want love to permeate the Earth again just as in the poem by Christina Rossetti, "Love came down at Christmas, love all lovely, love divine."

On a practical level, he would want a mother and a father to stay together to raise their children with love. He would want us all to be doing simple acts of loving kindness every day for those we love and those we do not. He would want to be acknowledged as sovereign in our life. He would want our reliance on him to empower our lives, yet for us to come to him whenever there is a problem. He would want to be thanked when the problem is solved, and even when it is not. He would want to be thanked for the sense of peace only he can deliver to those who suffer.

It is easy to do and does not put pressure on the credit card or the budget. It makes our hearts full as nothing else can. This is what I believe Jesus would want for a Christmas present: our love.

Wendy Reynolds


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