What other information does Obama not know?

info@islandpacket.comDecember 6, 2013 

President Obama never seems to know what is going wrong until the scandal breaks. This is not a good characteristic to have during these times of high terrorism, Iran developing a nuke and our health care system falling apart.

He didn't know about Benghazi (that investigation is still going on 15 months after the event), the IRS targeting conservative groups, Fast and Furious, NSA spying ... The 250-word limit for letters forces me to stop this list.

Still there hasn't been a shake up of his staff. Does that mean he likes not knowing, believing it gives him credible deniability? Maybe he thinks being a lousy chief executive is a good way to manage. It must be some variation of leading from behind.

What else is there in his signature piece of legislation, Obamacare, that he doesn't know about because his staff won't say, and will tell us later? In this case, later means, "Let's get past next November's election before releasing more bad news."

When George W. Bush thought there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq based upon several nations' intelligence reports, he was called a liar. When this president underestimated both the number of and the impact of private-payer insurance policies being canceled, we're told just to forgive the guy. He didn't know what experts were telling him.

I cannot trust this man. Can you imagine how accurate his golf scorecard is?

Richard Geraghty

Hilton Head Island

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