Conservatives must stand their ground

info@islandpacket.comDecember 5, 2013 

It appears that the political left and its supporters want several things to happen. First, they want to continue to spread the fallacy that President Obama is the president of the poor. Under this president, the poor (minority and otherwise) and women have suffered more than any other group. African-Americans have lost the economic gains that took them 30 years to reach. The poverty rate has soared under President Obama. The middle class is the next largest group of victims of the president's far-left policy. They have lost much of their net worth.

The leftists also have made a habit of telling others to shut up. This writer, and many other free Americans, will not be shut up. Conservatives and all Americans need to speak up and stand up to the bullying from the left. Those on the left who feel they have the authority or power to dismiss or shut up those opposed to their agenda need to take a civil step back. The venom of the left may just be the echoes of their own voices in the void of their quickly diminishing numbers.

Jim Lee


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