Obama deserves public's criticism

info@islandpacket.comDecember 5, 2013 

A recent letter writer challenged the president's opponents to marshal evidence for his impeachment. This betrays the writer's ignorance of impeachment. Incompetence, however sorely it damages our nation, is not a high crime or even a misdemeanor.

By any objective measure, the administration is grossly incompetent. Four and a half years after the recession's end, and despite the almost trillion-dollar stimulus package, our economy hasn't returned to pre-recession levels and unemployment and under-employment remain embarrassingly high. And certain citizens -- the "poor and forgotten" who, in the letter writer's view, are championed by the president -- continue to lose ground.

Presidents Reagan, Clinton as well as George W. Bush, the president's favorite whipping boy, all inherited recessions. But in each case, competent leadership rapidly delivered better days. Mr. Obama's incompetence has made matters worse.

Internationally, there is consistent failure: The Russian "reset" gained nothing while we essentially abandoned Poland and Czechoslovakia to achieve it; the Snowden embarrassment; Benghazi and the slaughter of our ambassador; Egypt, where our policy has alienated all sides; Syria, where red lines were foolishly drawn; more than 100,000 people dead and Hezbollah and Iran ascend; the apparent retreat on Iran and the disturbing abandonment of Israel.

Whatever your view of Obamacare, its implementation, with questionable waivers and administrative improvements, is disastrous. Its ongoing unpopularity is more evidence of the president's incompetence.

President Obama may be caring, bright and charismatic or an untruthful, ideological adventurer. Whichever description applies, clearly he is incompetent -- not worthy of impeachment, but worthy of criticism.

Francis Dunne Sr.

Hilton Head Island

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