Tell your elected officials what changes you want

info@islandpacket.comDecember 4, 2013 

During the past several months and years, all across America, we have learned that Obama, his administration and the Democrats in both the House and Senate have done more to damage America than any before them -- in both domestic and foreign policy.

For most of us, we got the message, and do not need to hear more about their disasters.

What we do need is to hear from Republicans, conservatives, tea party members and others, both in and out of public office, about possible solutions to this sorry mess that we are in. In particular, S.C. lawmakers, with the possible exception of Sen. Lindsey Graham, who confuses moderation with conciliation, seem to understand what needs to be done, how and by whom.

Write, fax, email and call your senators' and representatives' offices, and let them know your opinion. And you don't have to just stop at just who represents you. I trust you get lots of requests for help from many others who are running for office. By all means, let them know your ideas, and if they respond, send them a small donation. Volume is the biggest stick that "we the people" have to get their attention.

Lastly, do not believe that the opposition will just wait to see what happens in the 2014 elections. Like in 2012, they will use every possible means to find a way to defeat Republican candidates since their leadership only cares about winning.

How they get there, to them, is of little consequence.

Tom Hatfield

Hilton Head Island

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