Move Pineland Station for runway extension

info@islandpacket.comDecember 3, 2013 

A recent article indicated the owners of Pineland Station were looking to rebuild the aging structure.

If the decision to keep the airport operational is final, then officials should give consideration to working with the owners of Pineland Station and other nearby businesses to relocate their properties and extend the runway south rather than north.

While a radical idea, the long-term results may be appealing since officials would only need to negotiate with a small number of business professionals rather than manage the objections of individuals who oppose the current plan.

Can it be done? My suspicion is anything built by man can be changed by man. For example, over the past couple of years, the state of Rhode Island has literally moved miles of I-95 and I-195 to accommodate the rebuilding of the waterfront in Providence.

This is not to suggest the county or town should bear the costs of such an endeavor. Those who own businesses are already going to need to make significant investment in their properties, and likely, there are alternatives to be explored.

There is no shortage of talent on Hilton Head Island. Hopefully, this will serve to stimulate additional thought and encourage those with a sense of creativity and a true desire to work toward building a better island to think outside the box.

Bill Moss

Hilton Head Island

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