Pope's instructions should apply to leaders

info@islandpacket.comDecember 2, 2013 

Pope Francis' instructions, directing American Catholic bishops to live simply, like most Catholics in the world, are inspiring to the faithful. Imagine, even if just for a moment, our elected politicians lived by the same rules they mandate for everyone else. There would be no exceptions in legislation. All Americans would be required to obey. No quid pro quo deals available for business executives, unions, political action groups or crony financial supporters. American laws would apply equally for every American citizen and every U.S. company. Obviously, politicians believe their laws are good for Americans; therefore, being Americans, the laws should be good for politicians, too. American presidents and their families would not spend massive amounts of money for living expenses, staffing, vacations and travel. Does a first lady deserve 24 paid assistants? In fairness, this Congress and president are not the first politicians to pillage the U.S. Treasury. But President Obama is the most egregious and self-serving. He is not King Louis XIV, living at Versailles in the 17th and 18th centuries. President Obama's audacity is flagrantly exposed by exempting politicians and many other groups from his outrageous Affordable Care Act to get the necessary votes to become law. Pope Francis' instructions to the Catholic Church hierarchy should apply to U.S. politicians.

Jim Dove


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