Disagreeing with president not racist

info@islandpacket.comNovember 29, 2013 

The whole ,"You're racist if you don't agree with President Obama" argument makes me yawn. I would assume, then, that those who don't agree with columnist Ben Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and economist Thomas Sowell are also racist. I can almost bet the answers would be a resounding no.

Right. The reason you don't support them is their policies.

A history lesson: The 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, was voted for by 100 percent of the Republicans, and only 23 percent of Democrats. Not one Democrat voted for the 14th Amendment, which declared that former slaves were full citizens, nor for the 15th Amendment, which gave blacks the right to vote.

To the letter writer who felt that we should redistribute the wealth in the U.S. so we could all have Mercedes, I was just about to pick out the color of my car. Then, I did a little calculating. In 2009, the wealth of the top 25 percent totaled $54.2 trillion. Using an estimate of 230 million adults, that's roughly $235,000 per person. That's the good news. The bad news? That's a one time deal.

Beyonce won't cut another record, Trump won't build a hotel and the Hollywood elite won't make movies just to give their wealth to Uncle Sam to redistribute. This isn't Sweden, but there are planes leaving for Europe every day.

Sandra Tooley


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