Democratic Party is bringing down US

info@islandpacket.comNovember 29, 2013 

If you want the United States to eliminate its deficit and remain the most prosperous and dominant country in the world, you better think seriously about the leadership and direction this country is taking.

Consider the Democratic Party and its approach and performance. Of the top dozen states with the highest debt to GDP, 75 percent of them are governed by the Democratic Party. Of the cities that are going bankrupt or are near bankruptcy, nearly all are governed by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party, with its move towards big government and socialism, has produced an environment that promotes inefficiency, waste, and fraud, which creates debt and deficits.

If one were to eliminate the waste and fraud in our government programs for one year, nearly $1 trillion would be saved to help balance the budget for that year. Rather than clean up this mess, they would prefer to tax the rich who, in most cases, have worked hard for their money.

The so-called rich give nearly $290 billion a year to charities that help the disadvantaged throughout the world. Recently, a group of the richest in the world, mostly from the U.S., agreed to give part of their wealth to help the downtrodden. The organizations that will receive the money are far more efficient in helping the needy than our government is now. Their approach is not to hand the hungry and needy fish, but to teach them how to fish so they can feed themselves.

Norman Rustad


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