Paper route taught important life lessons

info@islandpacket.comNovember 27, 2013 

As I walked out to my driveway for my newspaper recently, the chilly air reminded me of those cold Pennsylvania mornings of my youth when I woke up well before sunrise and trudged, many times in the snow and half asleep, to the curb at the neighborhood grocery store to collect the bundles of newspapers dumped there, awaiting me. It was cold, kneeling there, folding and stuffing them in canvas bags. Then, I would climb on my Schwinn and deliver them throughout the steel mill town in which I grew up.

My first lesson in economics: Along with delivery rounds, I also had to make collection rounds, which could be very hard. There were doors that remained shut, knowing I was there to collect, broken promises of payment that gave me early lessons in human nature and folks that could only pay in installments. But I had to pay in full for my bundles. I learned important lessons in profit margins, break-evens, write-offs and losses.

Our children don't even have a clue. What's worse is that our government has even less of a clue.

Our president and his appointees are political hacks, socialist academic theorists and self-inflated technocrats who never had jobs as simple as my paper route. Barry Soetoro, Jason Furman, Cass Sunstein and others dictate how our economy should grow and prosper.

Is it any wonder there is failure in every attempt?

Howard Pritz


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