What's her secret?: 'Be the type of woman your children would be proud of'

abredeson@islandpacket.comNovember 25, 2013 

Sarah Reed stands with her children, Isabella, 2, and Abigail, 1 month old, in front of the construction site for the new Edward Jones building in Bluffton on Tuesday morning.

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Name: Sarah Reed

Husband: John

Town: Bluffton

Children: Isabella Marie, 2; Abigail Jean, 1 month; stepdaughters, Grace, 14; and Sophia, 7

Occupation: Financial adviser with Edward Jones in Bluffton

Favorite mommy moment: Having all my girls and my husband all piled in the bed in comfortable night clothes and laughing

Most challenging moment: Daily dinners. Anyone who knows me knows this is my downfall. Cooking is not my favorite thing.

Go-to date ideas: Dinner at May River Grill. We don't do it enough, but getting a baby sitter and escaping down the road for a wonderful meal and glass of wine is all that is needed. No TV, just the two of us and conversation. It really can't be beat. A close second, though, is to feed the kids, get them to bed, then order in and have a movie night together.

Product you can't live without: The Nap Nanny (an infant recliner). If your children have trouble sleeping flat on their backs, this is a must have. That and my backpack-style diaper bag. It leaves you with both hands available for children, other bags or whatever else you need to carry.

Who inspires you: Personally, my mother. I am the youngest of five children and have yet to see my parents fight. My mother not only worked part time but had dinner on the table every night for us, the house was always clean, and she never seemed to complain or ask for help. She truly is my hero, and I don't think she even knows it. Professionally, I'm inspired by other successful advisers at Edward Jones, particularly my close friend, Betty Duckworth. I always watched her put her clients' needs first. Her mission was truly to make sure everyone she met was better off for coming in her path. I believe they all truly are. I aspire to help as many people and touch as many lives as she has been able to.

What did you learn from your mom: My mother always told me, "Pick your battles," and I try to live by that. If it's not something that is really important to me, I try and allow others to take the lead or make decisions.

What would you do if you were completely alone for a day? Knowing me, I would probably get caught up. As a working mom, you always feel one step behind at home. I would use the time to organize my home office or get caught up on my never-ending laundry.

Advice for other moms: Try and be the type of woman your children would be proud of. Do this in all things the way you treat your spouse, your friends, your clients, how you take care of your body, your house, your car. You'll find yourself becoming a better person.

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