Beaufort woman seeks good Samaritans who helped save dog

emoody@beaufortgazette.comNovember 20, 2013 

They came with water and to soothe, and helped save one Beaufort woman's canine companion.

Now, Charlotte Law wants to thank those strangers, who she says helped save her black Labrador retriever, Sarge.

She has identified three of the seven helpers, but she doesn't know the other four who came to the rescue Sunday.

"I just want to thank people who helped me because if I'd have been by myself, he would have died," she said.

Law panicked when Sarge collapsed suddenly while running on the Spanish Moss Trail in Beaufort.

They'd gone about 4.5 miles -- not unusual for the duo -- when Sarge started to get "wobbly." They slowed to a walk.

"Then he lost complete control of his body," Law said.

She started yelling for help and water, drawing the attention of two women and a man in front of her.

They ran to assist, and the man flagged down a pickup truck on Allison Road. The driver had an unopened gallon of water that he immediately handed over.

Law and the strangers gave Sarge water to drink and poured some of it on him to cool him down.

When the 6-year-old dog seemed better, she thanked the man and women, and they parted ways. She never got their names.

Law and Sarge walked about 10 yards back to her car when he collapsed again. His jaw locked. His eyes rolled back in his head.

Law started screaming.

"I didn't know what to do; I was in a full-blown panic attack," she said.

Beaufort residents Paul Nurnberg and Libby Anderson and visiting friend Dave McNaught came running.

"We heard her screaming for help, and she was pretty much hysterical," Nurnberg said.

The men calmed Law and Sarge, while Anderson ran for her car. Anderson returned just as one of Law's friends, Kristen Webb, drove up in response to Law's panicked phone calls.

"I thought the dog was going to die in my arms," Law said.

Law found Nurnberg on Facebook on Sunday night and posted a message thanking him, McNaught and Anderson.

"I'm glad we were there to be able to help her," Nurnberg said, adding that they really just helped calm Law and Sarge.

Dr. Carolyn Wreden of the Animal Medical Center of the Lowcountry told Law that Sarge probably suffered from heat stroke. Last summer, Law's parents' dog died of heat stroke, and Law fears Sarge could have died without the help of the good Samaritans.

"I really want to thank someone who helped save a life," she said. "It really shows you how many good people there are in our community."

Law can be reached at

Video: Good samaritans help save Beaufort dog (2:52)

Beaufort's Charlotte Law hopes to find all of the seven strangers who helped her on the Spanish Moss Trail this past weekend after her dog, Sarge, collapsed during a run. Sarah Welliver

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