The worst leader ever? Obama is not even close

info@islandpacket.comNovember 19, 2013 

Members of the Nixon administration spied, lied, attempted to cover the truth up and went to prison. The Reagan administration's Iran Contra Affair meant illegal drugs were traded for weapons. They negotiated with terrorists and kidnappers despite claims to the contrary. Then along comes George W. Bush's administration that ignored signs of a possible attack by Al Qaeda -- and 9/11 happened on their watch. Bush gets us into two wars that we can't afford based on false claims of weapons of mass destruction. Now, we mourn for more than 6,000 lost troops and an additional 40,000 who are permanently disabled, their lives lost because of lies and deceit. Let's not forget the more than one million civilians lost. Add to his time in office that we experienced one of the worst recessions ever.

Today's Republican-controlled House of Representatives, as stated by its members, is bent on ensuring that President Obama fails. That's obstructionism at its worst. They want answers for Benghazi, but ask none for Iraq. Then we have the tea party, trying to apply 1776 thinking to today's issues and not once challenging The Patriots Act -- a law that defies the Founding Fathers' belief in freedom. Our Founding Fathers couldn't fathom the degree of technology in weaponry and communications of today. They certainly would have struck down The Patriots Act. Obama got Bin Laden, the ACA and the majority vote. Not bad.

Lucien Piccioli

Sun City Hilton Head

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