Today, voter apathy built into the system

info@islandpacket.comNovember 18, 2013 

The recent editorial regarding the dismal voter turnout for local elections in Port Royal and Bluffton was so quaint and old-fashioned. It reminded me of what we used to hear in high school civics classes -- in the 1950s.

Voter apathy is indeed more prevalent today. In previous years, voting was perceived as something every responsible person did -- a privilege and a right in a democratic society.

Now, South Carolina has done everything possible to make it difficult and/or nearly impossible for many people to vote by instituting picture voter ID, refusing to pass early-voting legislation, and making many vote only on Tuesdays during working hours.

We are all viewed potential criminals by lawmakers, ready and willing to engage in all sorts of voter fraud if given the chance. Does this really inspire you to take time off your job or other activities to vote?

Also, there is rarely any viable competition in elections. The result is that we get to vote time after time for the incumbents. They have lifetime jobs if they want them. South Carolina has made it difficult, time-consuming and expensive to run for office.

The only people anxious to go to the polls today are older, white people who are inspired by a great fear of the Kenyan Muslim Barack Obama establishing socialism in this country.

Of course, voter apathy leads to government that lacks accountability and efficiency. That's the point.

Terry Gibson

Lady's Island

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