What's her secret?: You don't 'have to carry the whole world'

abredeson@islandpacket.comNovember 18, 2013 

Brecken Campagna on Nov. 14 with her children, Decklyn, 1, and Collan, 7.

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    The moms featured in this column are not bragging about themselves. They often have no idea they are even being selected for the weekly feature until they get a phone call. Most are recommended by readers. Please send your suggestions of Lowcountry moms to features writer Amy Bredeson at abredeson@islandpacket.com.

Name: Brecken Campagna

Husband: Stuart

Town: Hilton Head Island

Children: Collan, 7; Decklyn, 1

Occupation: Co-owner of Southpaw Pet Resort

Go-to dinner: Pizza

Biggest pet peeve: "I'm a grammar nerd," Campagna said. "I can't stand when things aren't written correctly."

Hobbies: Reading and spending time with the girls

Volunteer work: Campagna said she and her husband help the Hilton Head Humane Association as much as they can by putting out promotional materials(at their business) and helping find homes for animals.

Favorite mommy moment: "I love to snuggle with my girls," she said. "It's just nice to have quiet, alone time with them sometimes because we're going and going and going. Between extracurricular activities and homework and everything else that's going on, it's nice to be quiet sometimes and have that moment. ... Collan's gotten to the age now, where she's kind of like my little buddy. She's not a baby anymore; she's a little girl. So we went and got our toenails done the other day. That was fun. I try to do individual things with her when I can just because since we've had the baby ... She loves her little sister, but it's been a difficult transition. She was the only child for so long. So we try to do grown-up mommy and daughter things together. And then the little one is so much fun. She's at that age where she's learning to talk, and she's all over the place. It's fun getting to know her personality."

Most challenging moment: "Finding the right balance between work and home, for sure, has been my biggest challenge," Campagna said. "I love what I do, and I love being here, and I love working, but I also feel like I'm not giving enough of my time at home. And I think that's a challenge that a lot of women face. It's just a hard balance to maintain. There are weeks where I work here seven days a week. And then I feel like things are slipping at home. I'll take a few days off to get things in order at home, and then I feel like I needed to be here to manage something. It's tough."

Stress reliever: "A good bubble bath every now and then," she said. "That's why I read. I like to read to just get away from things and destress. ... Just being with the dogs relieves stress. Honestly, it does. I love what I do, and I love animals. And that's part of the reason we got into this was just because animals are a lot more forgiving than people are. They don't judge you like people do. ... I'll go sit outside in the side yard on the bench out there and just hang out with the animals for a little while."

Advice for other moms: "I think my advice to other moms, to myself too, advice I should take myself, is not to be so hard on yourself and not to feel like you have to carry the whole world," Campagna said. "It's tough to feel like you have to be in charge of everything and everybody. And I think a lot of moms feel that way. If they don't handle it, if they don't do it, then it's either not going to get done or it's not going to get done right. I think my advice would be to let go of some of that stress and let other people help you. And if it's not done exactly the same way you do it, it's not the end of the world."

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