No changes needed for Bluffton Parkway circle

info@islandpacket.comNovember 17, 2013 

Beaufort County should not attempt to change the Bluffton Parkway traffic circle. I have driven this circle daily since it was opened, and I have yet to see an accident. I have seen a very good flow without delays, even at rush hour.

If there are drivers who perceive a problem with the circle, perhaps they might put down their cell phones and pay more attention to the road. The rules of the circle are very simple. Anyone in the circle has the right of way. Perhaps officials should erect a large sign that reads, "Anyone in the circle has the right of way." Instead of arrows on the road that are too small to read, erect two signs prior to the circle that read, "The right lane is for right turns and through traffic" and "The left lane is for left turns and through traffic."

A traffic light would not only cause more congestion, it would create accidents.

The other idea of streaming cars into the left lane for through traffic as is done at the most congested traffic circle in the area, Sea Pines Circle, will cause congestion.

Any reasonable driver should be able to use the circle safely. Perhaps those confused by it should use U.S. 278 with all its traffic lights.

Earle Lockhart


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