Ideology should not replace science, math

info@islandpacket.comNovember 17, 2013 

On Nov. 11, the newspaper ran an editorial written by the editorial board of The Greenville News entitled, "It's time to fight EPA's expansion of power." Factual, it was not.

The argument against control of greenhouse gas emissions in power plants questioned "whether further regulations yield the same level of health benefit as they become more and more strict." That's an argument against further regulation of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, not greenhouse gases. As a court found for tailpipe emissions, power plant emissions also "contribute to the total greenhouse gas air pollution, and thus to the climate change problem, which is reasonably anticipated to endanger public health and welfare."

About global warming, the editorial reads, "Scientists have shown the climate is changing, but some say it may be cyclical rather than human-caused." The "some" are mavericks who represent a minuscule percentage of climate scientists. They are wrong. Research shows that the normal range of climate variability over the last 650,000 years has never produced carbon dioxide levels above 300 parts per million. Yet today, we're more than 400 ppm and climbing. This is ironclad evidence that the change is not normal, cyclic fluctuation.

Ideology, not science or solid economics, drives The Greenville News and S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson, who the editorial board backs in fighting the EPA. Tell Wilson to stop wasting our money in fatuous, pandering-to-his-base, legal challenges.

David D. Peterson

Port Royal

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