A few opinions on the state of the country

info@islandpacket.comNovember 16, 2013 

Just some thoughts after reading and watching the daily news cycle:

To the people who want to slash, cut, shut down the government, and end the Affordable Care Act, what are your ideas to improve the government? I have not heard any. The Democrats need to bend on tweaking the law. A 60-year-old woman doesn't need insurance that covers pregnancy. They need to make it more affordable for younger people. I have yet to meet a retiree (Democrat or Republican) who would like the government to mess with Social Security or Medicare other than to just improve it. That doesn't mean privatizing it.

To those who want less of "big brother" in our lives, what do you call controlling women's health care choices?

To the folks who are against abortion, how many children have you adopted? Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? If you wish to impose your moral authority, then why are you willing to let people of less fortune go hungry? When a child is hungry they think more of eating than learning. If you want to end poverty you must educate the poor and feed them. Or do you not really care?

Capitalism is the greatest thing on Earth, but when does the greed end? We need to spread the wealth so we can all prosper. Just imagine if everyone could afford to drive a Mercedes. What would the economy be like?

Last but not least, thank you, Tim McCarver, for retiring from broadcasting the World Series. People who love the game of baseball will survive without you.

Bill Grant


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