Veterans deserve our and Obama's respect

info@islandpacket.comNovember 15, 2013 

On Veterans Day, I always take the time to reflect on my father who was a World War II veteran and fought on the beaches of Normandy, risking his own precious life to give us the freedoms we now enjoy. Unfortunately, my father has passed on, and even though I miss him very much, I am relieved he is not here to see the changes (and not for the good) to the country he fought so hard to defend.

Our precious country is being led by a leader who seems to be bent on taking away our civil liberties. When was the last time we heard our leader speak in glowing terms of the U.S., its people and express a deep appreciation of our history? No, he is not interested in celebrating the greatness of this country and all that has been accomplished. His interests are self-serving to destroy the best health care system, eliminate the middle class, trim our military and create chaos and bitterness among its citizens, rather than unifying his people as our nation's leader should. His speeches are never one of peace and togetherness in order to comfort and give his people a sense of security. For the first time in my life, I am fearful for my future, the future of this great land and that of our children.

Rest in peace, my dear father. You will always be my hero.

Angie Toth-Mullin

Hilton Head Island

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