Obamacare has them running for their lives

info@islandpacket.comNovember 14, 2013 

Run for your lives. This is especially good advice if you are a Democratic member of Congress who blindly supports the president's Affordable Health Care Act.

I know you were told there were a few glitches that were fixable after the rollout, but what we are seeing is perhaps the worst design-and-build project since the Boston subway fiasco. Every day brings a new revelation. System design flaws, administrative incompetence and years of Democratic leadership lies are now threatening to sink the whole project. If it does sink, it's going to take a lot of congressmen and senators down with it.

These are savvy politicians. How could they not know that doctors are fed up with Medicare and will not participate? Or that insurance companies are not in the business of acquiring risk? Or that people will resent losing their doctors, their health plans and their medical choices?

I am now faced with the option of paying my doctor of 15 years $3,200 per year for the privilege of having him continue as my family doctor or I can try to find a new doctor who accepts Medicare. Oh really?

As usual, our president is blaming everyone for the meltdown except himself. Problem is, this time the people marching on Pennsylvania Avenue carrying torches and pitchforks are members of his own party. But that doesn't solve the problem of one-sixth of our economy in chaos. Maybe the politicians will find a bipartisan solution. Oh really?

Roy Spurlock


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