School district fails to make the grade

info@islandpacket.comNovember 12, 2013 

If the evidence to fire former H.E. McCracken Middle School principal Phillip Shaw by the Beaufort County School Board and its superintendent was so overwhelmingly clear cut at this latest hearing, why was Shaw not fired a year ago rather than the district continuing to pay his salary for that year? Did he steal money for himself? The answer seems to be no.

Is there any real evidence of ethical or moral transgressions at school? Again, the answer appears to be no. Did the academic performance of students suffer because of any actions or inaction on the part of Shaw? On the contrary, students did well and did not seem affected by his purported lack of performance at his job. Did he neglect to follow all the rigid, little bureaucratic rules? Yes. Their decision is equivalent to giving a failing grade to an excellent student essay answer on a test because they did not dot their i's.

The final question is whether these purported transgressions will stand up with a group of impartial jurors in a court of law or result in even more egregious expenses for the taxpayers when this case goes to trial. In my opinion, the grade for the school board and the superintendent is an F for their performance on this matter.

Bedros Markarian

Hilton Head Island

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