Obamacare benefits working poor, disabled

info@islandpacket.comNovember 11, 2013 

Don't you find the letters opposing Obamacare tiresome? No one mentions the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. In the recent column by Nicholas Kristof, he mentions by name a hard working truck driver who had no insurance and kept postponing a doctor visit because of the cost. Belatedly, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. No one knows whether it was too late, but at least this poor 47-year-old man will have health insurance come Jan. 1.

We sit here in our comfortable, upscale community, which can boast an abundance of doctors in all specialties, and many of us take advantage of the "government hand-out" called Medicare. Some of us think that all poor are shiftless and lazy. That is so wrong. Numerous studies show that there are thousands and thousands of working poor in the U.S. who just can't afford medical care and possibly couldn't get or afford health insurance. Many more are disabled.

Independent studies show that the U.S. is last or near last among industrialized nations in efficiency of health care for our population. We even rank behind Romania and Iran.

Sure, there are probably many areas of the voluminous Affordable Care Act that could stand improvement. Perhaps our so-called legislators could concentrate on working on legislation instead of witch hunts and blame games.

Felix Kent

Hilton Head Island

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