Taxpayers on the hook for federal health care

info@islandpacket.comNovember 11, 2013 

I am baffled. An editorial printed in the Nov. 4 newspaper reads that "this state (South Carolina) needs to work swiftly on options to provide affordable health care to those individuals "who are unable to pay for their coverage. It then goes on to say, "costs of that care should not overburden them, the doctors who treat them, or the rest of the state's residents who continue to see increased health care costs."

Does the writer have any idea who remains to pay the costs? All programs for raising money eventually trickle down to the taxpayer. Insurance companies only pay with the insured's policy premiums and soliciting the federal government's aid only increases taxes or the national debt.

Most everyone would like to see free or low-cost health care provided for every American, but the problem is: Who will pay for it? Editorials looking for the state to resolve the cost issue and then eliminating anyone from paying more is a dream. How can the state of S.C. provide additional health coverage without anyone paying more? Who can host an extra hundred people for Thanksgiving dinner without someone paying more for food?

One or more of the following is true: People must pay more, benefits must be reduced, taxes must increase or the government must borrow the money and add to our ever mounting government debt. I think the question should be: Is the Affordable Care Act affordable?

James H. Dove


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