Lane improvements have made intersection safer for all motorists

info@islandpacket.comNovember 8, 2013 

Hooray to the Town of Hilton Head Island for changing the intersection at Gumtree Road and the Cross Island Parkway, converting a free-flow lane into a right-turn only lane. For a number of years, I have sat at that intersection, taking kids to school, watching eastbound cars fly through the intersection from the third lane. They have no regard for the traffic light and the oncoming traffic.

I know two people who were very seriously injured because of cars running the red light (in the third lane.)

Complaining about the buildup of traffic does not compare to the threat to life and limb in that intersection. Just beyond the traffic light, traffic is forced to merge into two lanes anyway. The traffic will build up no matter how the lanes are configured.

Stop complaining, slow down and go with the flow. Yes, we have traffic on Hilton Head Island and maybe businesses should alternate start times for their employees. Or would you have them close the schools because there is too much traffic? Or close the island to visitors because there is too much traffic?

Kudos to the town for taking the potential injury to its citizens seriously and making this change. And, slow down out there, please!

Phyllis Neville

Hilton Head Island

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