Two quick fixes for Beaufort traffic

info@islandpacket.comNovember 8, 2013 

Some time ago, the Beaufort traffic authorities slightly redesigned and greatly improved conditions at two busy intersections. We now wisely allow two lanes of traffic to turn left from Ribaut Road onto Boundary Street, and also two lanes of traffic to turn left from Parris Island Gateway onto Trask Parkway (Boundary Street extended).

We should do the same thing for traffic moving south past the Beaufort Memorial Hospital on Ribaut Road, turning left to the McTeer Bridge and Lady's Island Drive, and for traffic moving east on the Sea Island Parkway, turning left onto Sams Point Road.

Both of these intersections are wide enough to take double turning lanes. At present, the single left-turn lane in each case is greatly overloaded with cars, often backing up while the light goes red, green, and red again.

I hope the appropriate authorities take notice of this low-cost, immediately applicable suggestion.

Daniel Hoyt Daniels


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