Obama repeatedly claims ignorance

info@islandpacket.comNovember 7, 2013 

It seems that not only Republicans, but some within the White House, are now questioning President Obama's management style. The basis for this is the fact that there have been so many instances where he claims to have been unaware of major events. For example, he claims he was unaware of: The pending problems with the rollout of Obamacare, the Fast and Furious scandal and the true nature of the attack on our diplomatic staff in Benghazi. He was unaware of the extent of our intelligence activities regarding interception of phone conversations of foreign heads of state. And he was unaware of the IRS' abuse of power in targeting certain political organizations who opposed his policies. This all adds up to an arrogant president who, arguably, lacks character, integrity, has an "I don't care" attitude and exhibits a smugness that is offensive to many. Considering his questionable credentials for being president, maybe we should be glad he is so detached. Unfortunately, many of the decision makers he selected to be in his administration are amateurs.

Warren Jungk


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