Women should decide female health issues

info@islandpacket.comNovember 7, 2013 

Forty years later, why are we talking about abortion? Fifty years later, why are we talking about birth control? And 50,000 years later (or more), why are some politicians still murky on understanding how women become pregnant? It takes two humans, a male and a female. If you don't believe science, read your Bible. So why do Republicans want to control only women?

Why aren't vasectomies outlawed or defunded? Why aren't Viagra, Levitra and Cialis outlawed? Why are rapists given the benefit of the doubt, and victims are shamed/blamed? Why do men constitute the panels that decide on family planning rights or the availability of women's health services? In fact, why are these female health issues even up for debate in our legislative bodies? If these are religious concerns, our Constitution has provided a separation between church and state for a reason. No one's religious beliefs can be forced on me. No one can make a woman have an abortion, or tell her she can't have one, or that she must not use birth control or must. She gets to implement her own religious beliefs, and I get to implement mine. That's one primary reason my forefathers came here in 1640. Religious freedom. Freedom from persecution by someone else's religion.

Right wingers believe that life begins before conception (read the verbiage) and ends at birth -- or at least that our responsibilities to them as fellow humana ends then (look at recent legislation). Compassionate conservatism? Not so much. It's a puzzlement.

Cheryl Kanuck

Sun City Hilton Head

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