Bluffton must change its noise ordinance

info@islandpacket.comNovember 7, 2013 

We live on Lawrence Street, directly behind the Carson Cottages. There is live, loud, amplified music emanating from bars/restaurants along Calhoun Street nearly every night of the week.

In our travels, we have found that many small cities, not unlike Bluffton, do not allow loud music outdoors, yet still maintain vibrant, prosperous nightlife. They have found that residents will support local businesses that try to be good neighbors. In fact, we, and many of our friends, would like to patronize these places if their behavior wasn't so gratuitously offensive.

We are heartened that the excellent Bluffton police are conducting surveys to assess the situation in a rational manner. When we call, the police are always professional, sympathetic, and ask the bars to turn down the noise. They also explain that they have few real options with the current ordinance.

We respectfully urge Bluffton Town Council to expeditiously update and refine the nuisance ordinances so that we may occupy the historic home that we hoped would be our final retirement. We feel the enjoyment of our property should be equally as important as the "right to party" of bar patrons, even the mythical "young professionals."

Cindy and Harper Finucan


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