Thursday's Crime Reports Nov. 7

info@islandpacket.comNovember 6, 2013 

The following reports were released Wednesday by the Bluffton Police Department, the Beaufort Police Department and the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office:



  • Harrington Street: Items worth $300 stolen.

  • Laurel Bay Road: Stereo equipment worth $4,550 stolen from Chevrolet Caprice.

  • North Street: Items worth $1,250 stolen.

  • Ribaut Road: Items worth $660 stolen.

  • Robert Smalls Parkway: Items worth $1,901 stolen from truck bed.

  • Robert Smalls Parkway: Items worth $11,300 stolen from truck bed equipment box.

  • Trask Parkway: Purse, items worth $584 stolen.

  • Woodward Avenue: Items worth $1,000 stolen from backyard.



  • Wharf Street: Vehicle worth $1,500 stolen.

  • Sherington Drive, Sonic: Bag containing $582 stolen.

  • Maiden Lane: Computer worth $430 stolen.

  • Simmonsville Road, Bluffton Convenience Center: Motor vehicle parts or accessories worth $325 stolen.

  • Persimmon Street: Motor vehicle parts or accessories worth $600 stolen.

  • Third Avenue, Bluffton Park: Computer, clothing worth $740 stolen.

  • Tenth Avenue, Bluffton Park: Camping and hunting equipment, other property worth $925 stolen.

  • Buck Island Road, Year Round Pool Co. Inc. Construction: $1,003 in cash stolen.


  • Pebble Beach Cove, The Reserve at Woodbridge: Three palmetto bushes burned. Damage: $500.

  • Bluffton Park Crescent, Professional Golfers Career College: Vehicle's passenger-side window broken. Damage: $300.

  • Palmetto Bluff Road: Security gate damaged: $500.



  • Mathews Drive, Sam's Club: Brown leather Ralph Lauren handbag, white wallet, two brown leather billfolds worth $573 stolen.



  • Cee Cee Road: Holes drilled in fire hydrant. Damage: $3,500.

  • Compiled by staff writers Rebecca Lurye and Matt McNab

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