Children need time with parents, not technology

info@islandpacket.comNovember 5, 2013 

The age of communication technology has improved our lives as far as keeping in touch with family and friends as well as providing entertainment and information. It is, however, very disturbing to see it become a baby-sitter.

While a family dinner out on the town should be an opportunity for parents to interact with their children in a positive way, many have chosen to relegate that wonderful opportunity and pass along their cellphones to their children to play games or text their friends -- interaction opportunity lost.

Mothers at grocery stores with their small children have an opportunity for a learning experience, but choose instead to chat with a friend on their mobiles. Many times I have seen moms pushing their grocery carts to their cars in a crowded parking lot, chatting on their cellphones, and the child, unattended, trailing behind. It's a dangerous situation to say the least. It is bad enough that driving with a mobile phone in one hand and, hopefully, the other hand on the wheel is commonplace, but when the technology takes the place of parenting, we have no grounds to complain that our children are uncommunicative and distant. Certainly priorities have shifted away from children to a phone conversation that could probably have waited until the parent got home.

Kristen Sakati

Hilton Head Island

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