DeLoach, Heyward for Port Royal council

info@islandpacket.comNovember 2, 2013 

Voters in the town of Port Royal have two good choices on next Tuesday's ballot for Town Council, incumbents Vernon DeLoach and Mary Beth Gray Heyward.

A third candidate for the two open seats -- Lee Helena Jr. -- announced this week that he was withdrawing from the race due to work constraints. His name will be on the ballot, but he stated in an email to the newspaper that he could not serve. Also, Lundy Baker announced recently he would be a write-in candidate.

DeLoach and Heyward would bring experience with town government as well as more than half a century each as residents of a community they are passionate about. Heyward is a native and DeLoach moved from elsewhere in the Lowcountry 55 years ago to work and raise a family.

Though DeLoach, 84, recently made it through a serious illness, he is still feisty. We like his willingness to challenge the status quo, which he has done throughout the long process of the potential sale of the state's prime Port of Port Royal property in town.

Heyward also candidly spoke out in Town Council meetings recently when questions arose about a proposal to use a dock run by the town for a new jellyfish fishery. That apparently will not happen.

We feel that DeLoach and Heyward would be good voices for the people.

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