Send problem solvers to D.C., not ideologues

info@islandpacket.comNovember 1, 2013 

October demonstrated the dismal future ahead when we elect arrogant and incompetent ideologues. The ideological campaigner-in-chief Obama does not have a clue how to govern and is assisted by two second-rate politicians -- Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Their answer to every problem is spend more, tax more, borrow more, regulate more and hand out more taxpayer money to buy votes with ever expanding, unaffordable entitlements. This when the last thing we need is more spending, more taxing, more regulation and more unaffordable entitlements.

Republicans have no realistic, positive agenda and blindly followed a hapless ideological junior senator down a blind alley that has led their party to its lowest favorability in decades. Most Republicans understand the need for tax reform, entitlement reform, reduced spending, less regulation and not following Europe down the road to bankruptcy, but many are politically brain dead. They don't understand that to take control within our constitutional system, they have to expand the conservative base, not destroy part of it while simultaneously alienating independents, women, the young and Hispanics. No positive agenda, plus fratricide in primaries in 2010 and 2012 is why Republicans don't control the Senate or the White House. It is becoming not the common sense party of Lincoln and Reagan but the ideological, minority party of Barry Goldwater.

Ideologues don't solve problems. They create problems like Obamacare. We don't need candidates who go to Washington to "fight" but candidates who will work together to solve problems. Bowles-Simpson gave them a road map. It's time to use it.

William T. Pendley


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