Town's contract with Republic stinks

info@islandpacket.comNovember 1, 2013 

Please tell me that since Republic Services Inc. gave notice of wanting out of its contract that the Town of Hilton Head Island has not hunkered down, trying to revise it and save its franchise fee revenue stream without seeking a local forum of property managers, regime boards, other haulers and rental agents.

A one-size contract does not fit all. The program does not work for rentals and multi-family, $100,000 has been wasted on consulting, and a poor contract was devised that favored Republic. It's led to multiple complaints and letters, and still the town refuses to consult with those who have carried the burden of their folly.

The town either needs to get some skin in the game and create its own garbage/recycling hauling department or let Waste Pro and Waste Management compete for independently-designed contracts. Not only have we had our choices taken away but our ability to hire and fire. What's to stop the town from using the same reasons to limit us to one landscape service? In this economy, why should we pay the town a franchise fee? What have we gotten for this tax to date?

Thanks to the Packet for keeping this in the forefront.

Roger Jones

Hilton Head Island

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