Disagreeing with Obama policies isn't racist

info@islandpacket.comNovember 1, 2013 

To be called a racist because you disagree with someone is extremely offensive.

I lived in New York when Rudy Giuliani, Republican, became mayor. The city was a disaster and was going bankrupt. Crime and murder rates were at an all time high. Through Giuliani's policies, he made New York prosperous and the safest city in the country.

Democrats opposed Giuliani and his policies, but no one called him a racist. He succeeded in turning New York around, and most New Yorkers were happy for his success.

Today, I was called a racist by a Democrat because I disagreed with Obama's policies (especially Obamacare). Last November, I wrote a letter reflecting 25 reasons why you shouldn't re-elect Obama. Not one was because of the color of his skin. I'm sure I could come up with another 25 reasons why he's destroying our country without one having to do with the color of his skin. If by some miracle Obama could turn our country around, he would be cheered by everyone because he succeeded in making America great again.

Recently, actor Chris Noth was asked if the president was white, would the government have been shut down. His answer was no. He intimated the shutdown was strictly racist. The Democrats have brought our country to a new low when you can't disagree with them without being called names. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton presided over governments which were shut down and the last time I looked, they were both white.

Vince Sgroi


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