What's her secret?: 'They'll grow up to be fine adults as long as we're there for them'

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Bluffton lawyer Molly Day is shown here with her children Tristan, 8, and Sophie, 6, and husband Trey Judy Tuesday evening at their Bluffton home.

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    The moms featured in this column are not bragging about themselves. They often have no idea they are even being selected for the weekly feature until they get a phone call. Most are recommended by readers. Please send your suggestions of Lowcountry moms to features writer Amy Bredeson at abredeson@islandpacket.com.

Name: Molly Day

Husband: Trey Judy

Town: Bluffton

Children: Tristan, 8; Sophie, 6

Occupation: Lawyer

Go-to dinner: Whole-grain Hamburger Helper made with turkey, along with Crescent rolls, peas and watermelon

Biggest pet peeve: Inefficiency

Hobbies: Day said she enjoys running, reading and making things with her children. They are currently renovating an old dollhouse.

Volunteer work: Day coaches for Team in Training, an organization that trains people for endurance events that raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She also volunteers at St. Andrew By-The-Sea United Methodist Church, at both of her children's schools and within her profession. She takes pro bono cases, is on the state's Childrens Law Committee and a fee-dispute resolution board, and assists with probate cases at Lowcountry Legal Volunteers.

Favorite mommy moment: "When you've taught them something and they get it," Day said. "You see that Eureka moment on their faces, where they're like, (gasp) 'I got it, Mom.' I love that moment. ... Oh, silly moments. I love the silly moments. That's what I love. I'm not a silly person usually, so I love when I can be silly with my kids."

Most challenging moment: "I think right now my most challenging moments are when my kids throw tantrums," Day said. "It's so challenging to know what to do."

Stress reliever: Running and list-making

Advice for other moms: "This is something my best friend told me: Don't sweat the small stuff," she said. "I have to tell myself that all the time because I do tend to sweat the small stuff. ... If their rooms are not perfectly cleaned or their plates don't have every food group, then they'll be OK. They'll grow up to be fine adults, I'm sure, as long as we're there for them."

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