Don't kill Bluffton's future to preserve past

info@islandpacket.comOctober 27, 2013 

I am increasingly perturbed at Bluffton leaders' focus on the "looming tawdriness" and "bar-related bad behavior" in Old Town Bluffton.

Do you want Bluffton to continue to thrive and have a secure future even in a shaky economy?

Do you want young professionals to bring their talents (and money and tax revenue) to Bluffton, where they will invest in the community and raise the next generation of leaders and business owners?

I moved to Bluffton from Indiana when I took a new job.

When I got here, I was disappointed. I saw absolutely nothing to do for someone my age (I'm 27). Where was I supposed to socialize and make new friends? My roommate took me to the various nightspots in Old Town, and I was thrilled to discover places with a variety of food, wine, cocktails and live music, each with its own distinct atmosphere.

For Old Town to succeed as a live-and-work community, the pearl clutching over how our community is losing its charm and character has to stop.

Should people be blocking mailboxes, driveways and fire hydrants? Absolutely not. Can that be fixed? Yes. I get annoyed when I can't park at my front door because there are so many cars for trivia night at Captain Woody's. But I'd rather have a thriving business next door than a vacant lot or a foreclosed property.

Ali Diercks


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