US 278 made unsafe for parishioners, students

info@islandpacket.comOctober 27, 2013 

As residents of Beaufort County and members of St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church, we believe it is a travesty that the county is requiring the parishioners to make a U-turn across three lanes of traffic to get to our church and school, while a crossover and deceleration lanes are provided for the maintenance entrance to Berkeley Hall.

The danger to our members, and especially our children attending school, seems obvious. Is this situation discrimination against Catholic worshipers (or Christians in general), or just total incompetence by those who designed the "improvements" to U.S. 278?

Is it going to take a serious accident or death to improve the situation?

We realize that eventually there will be a new entrance to our facilities, and someday, maybe a frontage road, but that could be months or even years away.

It seems obvious that the old crossover should be reopened and eastbound and westbound deceleration lanes provided until a safe remedy can be made.

Barbara and Bucky Grim


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