Science-deniers need to dig deeper on climate

info@islandpacket.comOctober 24, 2013 

A climate-change denier, in a snarky letter attempting to put down environmentalist Bill McKibben, who was in Bluffton recently, cites that renowned scientific journal "Investor's Business Daily" on the subject of surface ice freeze in the Arctic Ocean. It seems there's a lot of it, and the writer thinks that fact somehow means that no warming trend exists. He even cites "some experts."

The clue here is the term "surface ice." As Bill McGuire, professor of geohazards, University College London, puts it: "However rapidly the Arctic Sea Ice is currently dwindling, the waters of the Arctic Ocean remain bitterly cold and prone to freezing at the drop of a hat." The presence of surface ice doesn't mean the total mass of ice isn't going down.

For those interested in seeing just how wrong the science-deniers are on this subject, go to

It covers what my short letter cannot.

Yvonne Peterson

Port Royal

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